The ALLPlus+ FailSafe technology from CHEEVC provides controlled access to every individual cell in the battery string allowing any cell to be kept on standby and switched in or out of the chain as required. This is used to provide immunity to cell failure. Furthermore it allows each cell to be sequentially bypassed and rested while remaining cells carry the load. This provides regular rest periods for every cell in the chain, reducing the stress to which they are subjected, resulting in increased battery life.

The key strengths of the technology are:

Immunity to Cell Failure

Immunity from cell failure is achieved by means of an extra usable cell in the battery chain and a switching array which allows any cell in the battery chain to be bypassed and rested while remaining cells carry the load. In the event of a cell failure the failing cell will be isolated from the chain and replaced by the resting cell, allowing the battery to continue operating without impacting output performance. This is particularly important for mission critical applications. In electric vehicles (or aviation applications) it will always get you home.

Increased Cycle Life

Achieved by the use of the switching array to implement cyclic redundancy which provides regular, repetitive rest periods for each cell during both charging and discharging. By regularly resting the cells, the stress on each cell is reduced and this in turn slows down the cell aging process therefore extending battery life. This results in reduced premature failures and warranty returns.

Increased Range

The capacity of the extra cell in the chain, the so called "redundant cell" is actually available and is used to increase the capacity of the battery.

Other Features

  • Short term power boost
  • More accurate state of charge
  • Lossless cell balancing
  • Lower capital cost per cycle

Mechanical Construction

CHEEVC has developed a unique single-ended wire bonding technique, which removes the need for the bulky and unreliable tab welding interconnect and wiring harnesses commonly used in battery packs, and provides for a reliable Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process for cell tab termination.

Intellectual Property

CHEEVC technology is patent pending