What is ALLplus+ ?

CHEEVC has successfully developed a Software Configurable Battery called ALLPlus+™ incorporating FailSafe technology which provides the battery with immunity from cell failures as well as extending its lifetime. CHEEVCs aim is to provide a battery system that truly delivers the performance expected eliminating the concerns of cost, performance and reliability. CHEEVC is a company based in Aberdour, Scotland. CHEEVC designs and licenses technologies that provide its customers with a unique value proposition;

"The ALLplus+™ FailSafe technology greatly enhances performance and reliability allowing our customers to go further for less with confidence"


The ALLPlus+ FailSafe technology from CHEEVC is based on Li-ion cells around the CHEEVC switching array allowing it to be fully scalable. We manage your battery design including the packaging, the electrical connections and mechanical supports.


Recent News

CHEEVC has been awarded a Network of Automotive Excellence honour in recognition of its outstanding innovation.



The ALLPlus+ FailSafe technology from CHEEVC provides controlled access to every individual cell in the battery string allowing any cell to be kept on standby and switched in or out of the chain as required. This is used to provide immunity to cell failure.



Email: info@cheevc.com
Phone: +44(0) 1383 860 669
Address: The Boathouse, Silversands, Hawkcraig Road, Aberdour, Fife, KY3 0TZ, Scotland, UK